Beer Bracket Pond Play

Multi Rink Tourney


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We are in the works of putting together

100 team Adult hockey

tournament in Albany County.

Would your team of 

5 to 10 players  

" BE IN "

if the dates work 


The purpose of this link is to get a feel for interest

levels and to contact players and

teams who have previously participated in an ice hockey event

that we have previously managed, whether it was

multi rink arena play or an outdoor tournament.

This link has been sent to 925 players on the east coast.

We would start updating info here November 1, 2020

as we attain your responses.

We encourage you to pass this link on to

your hockey playing

beer league friends who may like to enter

a team or partial team into

such an event.



 One of the last two


in January 2021

3 Nights/4 day Playoff.

4 Game team minimum.

As of 10/12/20

44 teams

have texted interest

Does your crew ?

Players over 18 only.

3 Divisions of play.


Extensive off-ice events

during the on going tournament.


Approximately $89 each.

Players get deals and prizes 

from CCM/Bauer/Warrior.


HockeyTown Pro Shop hopes all of you

friends whom we've met thru the game of

ice hockey are getting thru these

crazy times safely & healthy. 

Get at us!

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