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The best fitting girdle on the market. 

Pro protection, massive leg mobility.

Tapered fit for players lean to average build

and fully adjustable leg straps in case you are

built differently. If you have never worn a 

pant girdle at game time, get ready to be

more agile and skate a bit better. You'll never wear

 regular pants again. There is a reason why nearly

every big time player wore these at one time in the NHL.

Lindros, Roenick, Jagr, Federov, Amonte, Butry,

Greenaway, Selanne, Kariya, Yzerman, Modano, Hull.  etc.

Comes with the CCM girdle cover in Black.

(Need another color cover, Call us)


SHIPS FREE within 3 days if in stock ORwithin 7 days if

we have to source them.

CCM Jetspeed Girdle & Cover Combo