Join me at the HockeyTown Pro Shop parking lot.

This coronavirus lockdown has gotten old.

Lets work on some puck shooting, puck release,

hand-eye timing, one timers.


Purchase your 2 shooting sessions now and use them anytime

you choose, STARTING TOMORROW. Set up your 45 minute 

session by texting me, Jay, the morning of or day prior to whenever

YOU WANT TO COME BY,  i'm available.


EACH 45 MINUTE SESSION has your player shooting



Radar Guns for shot speed, Accuracy with Targets and possibly

a live GOALIE depending on availability. You have a 

Goalie friend ? bring him/her with your.

Goalies come out and  work your angles on the synthetic

ice sheets with shooters ripping pucks at you.


*** PARENTS with 2 PLAYERS *** 
(Sibling or a teammate)

Sign up both your players and have them

attend sessions together


Text Jay today: 917-687-2289

HockeyTown Pro Shop, Owner.

2020 Goal Shooters Clinic