1 ProRadius on your current set of steel.


Click off your steel and ship it to us.

You can select a custom Profile Alteration 

below. After completing this transaction, 

you will be emailed a Prepaid Shipping Label

to ship us your steel, place your blades

in an envelope, your steel arrives 

to us in 2 days and it's 2 days back to you.



Players can customize their skate blade profile. 

INCREASE your contact point for more balance...

DECREASE your contact point for much more

mobility to turn your skates QUICKER.

Or we can MOVE the original pivot point to a different 

spot on the steel to take your skating to a new level.


Its always best to screen shot a few pics of your

skate steel to our pro shop cell, after you

complete checkout, as we likely have a question.

QUESTIONS ? TEXT 917-687-2289.

CALL 518-786-6500



ProRadius Your USED Steel