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Bauer Vapor X5Pro senior skate with

FYI TI Titanium steel.

Size estimated 7.0-8.0 Fit 2.

This link is UNDER retail for 48hrs and link will self delete ⚠️ by end of day Sunday 12/3.

Pro Shop will confirm your exact size via foot tracing over the next 3 days.

Skates would ship within 7 days of your order. Skate steel comes sharpened and Pr⭕️Filed if desired.

Customer has option by purchasing this link to purchase another set of FLY TI steel at 49.00 ( ⚠️125.00 OFF RETAIL)

TEXT JAY ➡️ 917.687.2289 Questions.

5 ⭐️ Skate ProFiling and Fitting

Vapor X5pro Skate Deal

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