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G7 Access Program

 Save serious money immediately on your families hockey equipment costs by partnering with us in Game7Access Program.

G7A offers pricing you can NOT get.  One transaction can save you hundreds while thousands is not unrealistic. For those using their network of players, teammates, coaches correctly, you can make thousands in added profits by reselling the skates & equipment we all want on the ice. 

The $1,000 skate you want?  No, it's $600 w/ your G7A. 

A teammate wants skates and a helmet that totals $850?  Get them thru your G7A for $550,  make yourself $300. Need 20 jerseys for a youth team that cost $40 each?  An $800 order that you can access for $440, shouldn't  you score the $380 profit ?

The beer league team wants15 pair of gloves ?  It's your team, get the order, you profit the $700.

That $300 stick but the parents say,

"No Way."  It's just $175 for you now, get a 2nd one,

sell it to a friend. Now your stick only cost you $70.

 Get set up today on your side hustle. 

Skates, Sticks & Equipment

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