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Superior Sharpening (SS) combined w/ a correct ProFile-Reset is a huge factor in becoming the strongest skater. Are you routinely relying on an automated machine, like Sparx?  Is your advancing player in the upper 1/4 of their team skating ability?  We don't use these inferior devices!  Your skill is too important to us. Is it to you?

Re-think the "convenience factor" the next time you hand over your players skates to another hockey parent or worse a big-box hockey dealer who now uses these devices for the simple fact that they lack legitimate skate techs who can create an NHL Quality Edge. For the big-box, the watered down Sparx is a God send as it keeps parents and players arriving to get "Sparxed" with an inferior short term edge.  Then after 2 hours of ice time, edges are shot yet again and yup you return. That's not hockey.

Sparx has sold the idea that hockey parents are far too busy to get skates sharpened anywhere besides their own home. The idea that a home sharpener actually produces superior blade quality is the most undermining factor connected to individual skill.  While 75% of American youth hockey players age 6-16 have 1 or both parents with zero to very little on-ice game experience, its easy to understand how Sparx has sold "edge inferiority" to parents who, to no fault of their own, have never really played.

At In 2023, 1,600+ higher level young players 8U to15U from 47 states are shipping multiple sets of Bauer /CCM steel for skate sharps. Of 4,900 players who purchased ProFiled skate steel from us in 2023, almost 3,300 were in some way using a Sparx. Now 40% of those 3,300 Sparx users have continued to ship us the original ProFiled set, after skating a serious edge. Sparx suffices the average skater w/ its inferior edge retention. But the higher end skater exposes the edge quality - and these are the players and families who find us.

With Automation, you're getting beat on recognizing true skating skill.  And there are thousands dreaming of playing their best hockey, being better than a peer and they are skating on, in many cases, skill limiting garbage.

For Sparx owners, you disagree. You invested the $1500 on a machine/parts that gets minimum quality and for very short periods of ice-time. The positive is that you can continually re-sharpen that edge over and over. And best of all, if you get a ProFiled Upgraded set of steels from us, your Sparx can NOT hurt the dominant ProFile -ReSet you just skated on from us. ProFiles more high end skate steel than any hockey dealer. I opened HT Pro Shop at 20 and its 26 years later. 500++ 5 STAR REVIEWS on GOOGLE. 

If I can assist with SS or ProFile, reach out. If local to us in NY, stop by - we offer the Sparx too LOL, its $2.99.  Our Normal Sharps are $12 - $20 per set. Feel free to Share our link with Sparx Hockey. We are happy to face-off in a Quality Test any time. I have a big sponsor who will happily back the competition LOL but True.

Thanks to the thousands across the country who recognize that Skate steel Quality is King and SkateBladz reigns Supreme, in Blade ProFiling and Sharpening Edge Retention.

TEXT-A-PRO, the best # in ice hockey 917-687-2289.

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