Get our Killer Price on a Skate you

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You're spending $400, $600, $900 on skates from a Pure Hockey by just clicking on a size you think will fit ? Lets be serious: you're likely getting beat on the ice because fit is everything and your skates likely are not the best size for your foot shape or arch type.  Even worse, you're getting beat with your bank roll  because they don't

even save you a buck off retail ?

Text our in-house Pro, Jay.

Get Fit exact with a FaceTime session and your skates ship same day. He personally fits more players over the phone via FT and foot tracings than any other so called hockey expert.

Need a Super wide cut?

A boot customized? 

No hockey dealer in the US lets you wear new skate for 5 weeks and if the fit isn't spot-on,

you can still swap them out. 

You're across the country ? Just Text.

If local, stop by our Pro Shop.

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