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Our 7 minute Power Play phone call confirms

your true skate size and best fitting model.

Our hockey IQ has fit thousands "spot-on" with our "Text-A-Pro" option

and it's why we are the only 5 STAR Rated hockey dealer (575+deep) on Google.  Legit Pro Service. Contact for any skate fit issue and Price Quote!  Those who Text, Will. Not. Pay. Retail.

I own the place. 917-687-2289 - Hockey's Best PH#.



Box chain employees don't understand how proper Skate Fit is 100% related to a players body weight....and the Bauer foot scanner at box chain hockey, scores as much as Edmonton's Power Play, at just over 28% of the time LMAO.  But hey, it distracts thousands from selecting the correct skate (that is NOT free of foot pain) and has helped you forget that the guy fitting you lacks the Product knowledge to allow your best skating. #FACTS

Use our Foot Trace Text (FTT).  I respond with correct fit size/width.

SKATE Sales that are combined with Our 5STAR ProFiling options will have you paying less than RetailBeer Leaguers, Juniors, Parents of AAA players, starters ? You're all equally important. I work with the smartest hockey families in the states. You either get "Box chained" or you Score a 

Power Play of $ A V I N G $ !  

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