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We get it, your last skate purchase from a chain hockey store was like getting swept in a Cup Final...your skates likely don't fit, your sharpening is brutal and the blade ProFile has zero advantage.

Team up with a legit Pro for the Game 7 Win.

Text-A-Pro for a Best-Price-Live-Quote

by using our Zero Dollar Request link.

Our hockey IQ has fit thousands of you "spot-on" with a phone call and it's why we stand 5STARS (500+deep) on Google.  Play it smart, Text me about a skate that interests you. Plus, you will NOT pay retail. 


If a skate shows ZERO it means we will do better than Retail but you need to TEXT  Jay at 917-687-2289.  No communicating with a rookie who doesn't understand how foot shape and yes body weight relates directly to what a player should be wearing.

Oh...that foot scanner thing at the box chain hockey superstore lol, it scores about as much as Toronto's Power Play, at just over 28% of the time LMAO. But hey, it has successfully distracted thousands of you from the reality that the rookie who just handed you that box of  $700 skates to try on, the guy you drove to visit about skate fitting knows slightly more than yourself.

Send a Foot Trace Text (FTT) with what skate interests you and I respond with best fit size/width & an Non-Retail Quote. We follow up in a 4 minute phone call also.

Playing beer league, juniors or a you're a parent of a Triple A player ?

Get set up to skate without excuses,  FREE of foot pain and get yourself the best assurances after the sale. Live in Minnesota? Florida? Ohio?

Or local to us in NY, it's all good. Go hard to the net In Comfort, with ProFiled skate blades on new skates that really fit.

Score a Power Play of $ A V I N G $ ! 

Text me all your skate questions.