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Skate Fitting /
Skate Blade Services.

$199, $299, $499 & $699 
Equipment packs
(skates & full protective)
Get Sized Correct.
SEPT '23
Always Text-Our-Pro 
MON 11-6
TUES 11-6
WED 11-6
THUR 11-6
FRI 11-6
SAT 10-5+
SUN 11-3+
returns / SHIPPING
All sticks, skates & protective equipment ordered on our
website or by phone/text assisted by a customer service rep, take on a 15% restocking fee and must use a trackable
label service w/in 30 days of purchase date.
New products, which were worn, will only be exchanged for
 Full Pro Shop Credit (PSC). Any customized product specific to  skates, protective equipment and ProFiled Skate blade Steel is only available for Full PSC, (NO REFUNDS to original forms of payment as these products the customer has requested to be customized). Lastly, customized items such as ProFiled steel could be subject to 20% RESTOCK Fee.
UPDATED: January 1, 2022.


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