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The portion of skate blade (pivot point) that actually contacts ice. We are the leader in skate blade Pivot point alterations. No one is making changes to skate blades the way we are. Thousands are skating on skate steel that has been in the hands of our Skate tech.

Want serious results for your skate blades?

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What Blade ProFile is best for you ?

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7 Feet, 9 Feet,  11 Feet ?

Most importantly, 

where should your blade touch?

Want to be on your toes more ?

Skate with more confidence, cut stronger and with less effort.  Our sharpening alone will hold up 3 times as long as anything else.


A puck is turned over at center ice, you need to change direction FAST! You need BETTER blade pivot point positioning and you need LESS of it. 

The next time a rookie with a skate machine tells you you'll need a 13 FOOT RADIUS,

(who has never even played the game), think again.  Longer contact points on your steel

and the concept of a "Quad Profile BS",  is just that, BS.

It restricts mobility and does not make you faster. Don't be misled. 

Go hard to the net with maximum confidence. 

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