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A 7 minute call changes it all !

No NHL equipment guy /Pro has ProFiled more skate steel than myself, grinding correctly ProFiled alterations onto steel for

26 years, well before these sloppy hockey dealers started

marketing "profiling."  Call it a custom radius, an alteration - its all the same.

Get your blade questions answered. Then skate our Blade ProFile Alteration (BPA) on your steel, which is THEE best in the states.

I talk with hundreds of hockey dads and lots of  beer leaguers each week regarding their own customized BPA.

My Pro Shop offers the absolute best in skate prices combined with dominant 5 STAR Blade ProFiling Results. You'll end up saving $.

Google us. Thousands of players are skating better, stronger, more comfortable after getting re-set on ProFiled steel I've worked on. 

Upgrade your steel, Change your Skating.

(Please see "hours / returns" page about customized skate blade returns).



steel options

ProFile Facts:  

Portion of skate steel (pivot point) that actually contacts ice is your ProFile.

is the leader in skate blade Pivot point alterations. Most important question about your skate ProFile

is "where along the blade" should your contact point be?

Forward, centered or behind the center point ?

Secondly, how large of a ProFile should you use: 7 Feet, 9 Feet, 11...?​

Beware of marketing terms like "Quad ProFile" in blogs/Tutorials

from Bauer & ProSharp.​  If you are working with a SPARX routinely for sharpening

and you don't own one, don't let your growing player become dependent on these machines.

In terms of producing a serious edge that actually holds its hollow, it's not happening.



ProFiling is directly tied to your Blade Transition.

Puck is turned over at center ice means you need to change direction FAST and as EZ as possible. 

You need LESS blade-to-ice contact but hugely important is having your blade-to-ice contact area

moved to the correct position (pivot) on the blade which if dont correctly will make your stride stronger.

Shorter contact points are smarter than longer contact points. 7-10 foot blade radius promote agility and your transition game.

Radius ProFiles of 11 or 13 feet slow you and flat foot you. Marketing terms such as 'QUAD Profiles"

should be correctly understood,  considering there is no real reality of a "QUAD ProFile." 

Get ProFiled Correctly. Enjoy a few pics below. 

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