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Smart Hockey players partner with us...


has eliminated "Retail" in Game 7.

G7L locks you into the most dominant Pricing

in the Ice hockey industry.

Until now you've gotten crushed on price!

The most in-demand products

are now yours for a fraction of RETAIL prices.

Only G7L accesses you a "Live Pro" for continual

product updates, price quotes & sizing questions.


From California, to Maine, to Florida.

Built for smarter players, hockey parents,

as well as team/league purchasing,

Skates, Sticks, Protective Gear

(Never pay retail again).



"T e a m M a t e  S p l i t"

Two teammates share 1 G7L account.

Select "G7-PlayerSplit" in dropdown menu.

Sign up same week and get separate PIN #'s.

That $950 skate you Googled

and bought elsewhere

was here for $565.

Our program would have saved you

$385 by just texting for a Quote ?

   Now you know! 

Open an Account.

GET your P I N #.

You and your hockey contacts get

serious buying power with G7 pricing.

Your network can access your PIN #. 
They save big, you save bigger

and you make money.

Text about Any Item

No Restrictions.

Teammate wants an $800 skate & $300 helmet ?

Instead of $1,100, it's only $900 with your PIN,

while you pick up $75 for your account.

Need 20 jerseys for a tournament

that cost $800 elsewhere? They pay $590 here

with your G7 and you pick up $80.

15 pair of gloves for your beer

league or child's youth team

Your PIN# saves them $270 on the glove order

while your account picks up $120.

(We shipped 15 helmets recently 3 days

after a player used his PIN#).

You'd like a $300 stick but break too many ? 

Same stick here is $178, buy 2, sell one to a friend. 

Need 8 composite sticks for your teammates ?

It's $720 less with G7 than anywhere on one transaction. 

5 of your contacts want skates ?


Your G7 Account is a Lock - can't lose.

Get paid by Venmo 1st of every month

when your network uses your PIN#.


Youth league needs 30 on-ice jackets for coaches?

Instead of $2,100 elsewhere online, its just $1,575 with us.

95% of major hockey products ship in just 2-7 days.


"You score the goals, we set you up." 

Account details/options enclosed in checkout link.

Become a G7 Partner Now:

Must be signed up by June 30, 2022. 

New Product lines get released in July 2022, don't get 

left out having to pay Retail for the best new items.

Accounts are good for 1 YEAR.

Average hockey family using G7L in 2021,

saved $1,100 on their own purchases. 

Accounts allowing teammates to use their PIN

profited $1,900 respectively.

G7L is not available in AK, HI or ND.

Text or Call your G7 Account Rep at


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