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HockeyTown Pro Shop NY (Exit 6, Adirondack Northway 87), now brings The Game to you faster and better than anyone ever  with . . .

On-The-Fly (OTF)

Pro Hockey Services

Superior on-site skate services

-Sharp, Repairs, Blade Alterations.

Get fit for New Skates

--skate boot heating.

Sample New Sticks before Sale.

Get sized for New Protective Gear.

Trade in old equipment 

(on the spot).

Timing is everything on the ice

Players jump into the play "on-the-fly"  because there's zero time

to wait for a whistle!  

And with busy hockey families, it's the same - zero time. 


You score Goals, we grab the Assist !

Schedule the most outfitted mobile Hockey Operations Truck.

Your young player will love the set up!

One Web CLICK or TEXT and the Regions best Pro Shop

is in your driveway sizing you up for the equipment that's best.

And servicing the skates you perform on.

Dominant Skate Sharpening/Blade Alterations.

View some of our 50 options of pre packed hockey essentials, new skates, sticks & protective equipment that are available for fitting at mobile visits. 

View PrePacks
View Skates/Equipment
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