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ODR Teams

January 26 -28, 2024
       Saratoga State Park

Tournament Policy:
Protocol, Tournament Winners, Prizes, Respecting "the Game". 

We've run this event on 4 occasions up until the COVID era, each time attracting approximately 100 teams. We promote a Quality experience and expect those coming to respect each other and as a result the game itself.  This includes opponents, on-ice officials, park workers as well as volunteers who help all of us to experience outdoor hockey.  As of Nov 13, 2023 we are in full preparation mode coordinating logistics that allow this event to go safely and smoothly.  Please, all players should read the following policy information.

Registered teams must be paid in Full to lock-in their spot in this 2024 Tournament.  Event coordinators reserve the right to return full payment within 48 hrs to any team, if it is determined we are over our maximum teams enrolled threshold of NINETY (So, if you're playing in this event, do NOT delay to register, teams who delay may not get in).  

Paid in full team registrations do include a $225 non-refundable deposit should this 2024 tournament be canceled for any reason, (COVID, public health scares, poor weather, unsafe ice conditions).  Free Agent Registrations include a $39 per player non-refundable deposit should an unexpected cancellation occur.


PRIZES: All paid in full registrations include each player being added (at no added cost) into 25 (twenty-five) separate significant higher priced give-away raffles such as Mach Supreme Bauer Skates (valued at $1,000 per pair), CCM FT Ghost hockey sticks (valued at $350 per), Bauer PROTO-R sticks (valued at $350), Warrior Equipment Bags (valued at $100 each), as well as various restaurant gift cards and cases of beer and multiple other Hockey Equipment company products (CCM / Bauer / Warrior).  Winners will be announced all weekend via loud speaker between games, with the players names being listed here on the daily online game results page.

TEAM ROSTERS: All rosters will be approved prior to January 15th, 2024 as all team captains will have confirmed roster names /ages in original team checkout order. Then at physical check-in ( 2-3 days before games begin - via text or email), every player sends a PIC ID along with a signed liability waiver.  This is a MUST (forms will also be on-hand rink-side at check-in). Teams who do not keep to official rosters will not advance if its determined they altered rosters.  If you need to change something, let us know! (Captains please advise teammates). This is simple stuff but we state it clear as we "will keep fair" for all teams.  This is a fun but competitive spirited event. 

DIVISION WINNERS: WINNING teams get bragging rights and get their Registration at next years event COMPED. Additionally, their team Name added to the Jerry Kemp Memorial Trophy that will stay displayed at local Frear Park Ice Arena all year.  Lastly

and "TBA" the winning teams will receive on-site "Goods with Value" after they WIN IT ALL. Just what the  "Goods of Value" are will be updated here no later than Jan 15, 2024.



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