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BAUER LS1 Goalie skate steel works in any model bauer with the Edge

click off blade system.

choose your size based on your skate size.

Our price includes your own CUSTOMIZED PLAYER PROFILE. 

This link saves your $30 as compared to if you purchase elsewhere

and send us 2 sets to profile. Plus, no one will get you Profile results like

we do.


Unsure what you need ?  LEAVE A PHONE # AT CHECKOUT, we will call you.

We have the answers on how your may want to profile so you cut and turn the best possible way for your game!


CUSTOM PROFILE will change your comfortability on the ice, balance you better and cutting harder with less effort. Why? BECAUSE THE PIVOT POINT IS MOVED SLIGHTLY HAVING YOU SKATING ON THE FRONT HALF OF THE BLADE MORE. 

Bauer LS1 Goalie Steel / 2 Sets / ProFiled

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