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You choose either the Mach Supreme of HyperLite2 Skate / adult sizing. Fit is estimated at 7-7.5 F2 / customer will send FTT measurements to confirm.

Package includes 3 sets of TI titanium skate steel and 3 Agility Pr⭕️Files onto those sets.

Discounted if ordered here before 7/30.

Orders Placed THURSDAY 7/27 receive free under gear wicking unit by Warroad or Bauer. $75.00 VALUE.


Skates ship approx week after ordering.

ProFile extra sets could be delayed a bit after skates arrive in some cases.

5️⃣⭐️Pro Detail with Jay ➡️ 917.687.2289

Since 1998!

——8/23 sent skate 8 F2 w/ 1 set /

2 sets b/o ➡️ 9/5.

Bauer Skate Package / Koonce 🔴⚪️

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