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Superior Skate Sharpening Service!


Skate the longest lasting

shapening/most dependable Edge

you've ever played on and make it

VERY convienent!


We are ON-CALL for you !

Text us whenever you need a prepaid label.We text it within an hour.

Print it out and ship 2-3 SETS of skate steel each time you ship.

Your blades are back in 3-4 DAYS.

While you blades are in transit,

you're still on your 3rd set!


You may request a shipping label 8 times.

This allows for16-24 sharpening.

No expiration or cut off time

to use your 8 labels.


Results are dominant.

Simplicity of our service is just that!


Thanks for working with us.


Text Jay anytime:


Game 7 SkateBlade Service

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