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NHL’s strongest boot!

SIZE TBA (estimated 5.5-6).

Will confirm by FootTrace.

Skate with Black step steel at $969.00

($31.00 under retail)

and Pr⭕️File on that 1st set 89.99.


⭐️ customer has OPTION to get a 2nd set of Black Step Steel ( Retail cost 179.99), at Pro Shop cost of $79.99(💲100 OFF RETAIL). Can purchase in a separate link after skate is purchased.

This custom link expires in 48 hrs.

Order ships 7-17 from ordering.

100 day fit assurance!

TEXT JAY ….5️⃣⭐️ SKATE DEALS and Blade Pr⭕️Filing.

CCM FT6 Pro ➕Pr⭕️File

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