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Want new skates❓

Great Fit ❓ Get a killer ⬇️ Retail Quote now⚠️ No more retail and wrong sizing.

Place your ZERO DOLLAR order now.

It simply alerts us you’ll be

TEXTING 🅰️ PRO, JAY / 917.687.2289 within 1️⃣ HR of placing this Quote Request Order for a specific skate, then texting us a FTT ( foot trace text ) so we can get you fit correct. ( refer to the ⬆️ pic of a foot trace. Basic but always accurate).

In the notes section of checkout, indicate the skate you’re interested in & be certain to TEXT within 1️⃣ HR requesting a “TextQuote” on your favorite


You’ll 💲 A V E BIG 💲.

Request 🅰️ Skate Quote!

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