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Skate sharpening (SS) is the single most defining factor in becoming a exceptional skater and it is 100% true that THEE best players are THEE best skaters. Where does your 6U, 8U, 10U stack up or as an adult player can you be skating a few clicks stronger?  

If you dispute this logic that SS is tied directly to top tier skating skill, specifically in a developing player, you've likely been limiting the ability of your own player or yourself whom I'd bet you invest a ton of $$ toward in playing this great game. Making "skate sharpening" a chore where convenience gets the nod is a total mistake. And thousands are doing it all over the US. 

Some info on myself...

Luckily I have the smartest players nationally shipping me multiple sets of skate steels or walking in locally at my NY Pro Shop. 

In 2022, I have 1,200+ mid to higher talent young players 8U to 14U (primarily) from 47 states shipping me multiple sets of steel.

The results with my basic skate sharpening (SS) or ProFiling Alterations (PA) is 2nd in quality to nobody and that includes ALL 32 NHL equipment guys.

As 2022 closes, I'm cutting 17% more skate blades than in 2006 which is before the invention of the Sparx skate sharpening machine, which has undermined thousands of youth players nation wide all because of convenience.  So the least I can do is add some insight.

By routinely having your players skates sharpened on a Sparx (likely owned by a teammate or a rink) you are literally cheating them. Here is why...

The "Sparx Effect" on an average youth hockey player is real. It proves that an automated machine does not /can not produce a serious long lasting edge with precise hollow which hollow alone allows a skater to cut and hold edge when transitioning. Of our 1200 players who bought skate steel ProFiled from us, 500+ had a Sparx and after skating on our ProFile with Sharpen almost 200 are continuing to ship us their ProFiled steel. But their parents have a Sparx!  Interesting. What's better than a 10U who tells his parent, "Dad you gotta send the steel back to that guy at SkateBladz."

For those who own a Sparx, you disagree - i get it. So would I after I invested $1500 on a machine that offers bear minimum quality and accuracy for very short periods of ice-time. But hey, it does hold you over until you can just sharpen them again, and again and again. Fact: A serious skate edge when done by a Pro on a non-automated machine will hold 8-10 hrs with a serious defined hollow.

I operate with 4 skate machines, SPARX being one of them. Also a BladeMaster, Dupliskate & ProSharp. We offer Sparx as a devalued $2.99 cheap SS alternative because the end reult IS cheap and it sells its own inferiority to those who use it once. Its our biggest testimonial that in a pinch SparX can "hold you over"  but is 1000% counter productive to building a top tier skater, and thus allows us to sell the Quality that is known for and boasts about.

As owner of, I might ProFile more high end skate steel than anyone in the country. In business for 25 years, opened my NY Pro Shop, HockeyTown Pro Shop at 20. Know the Game! 500++ 5 STAR REVIEWS on GOOGLE.

The question remains: How can you help your 6U,8U,10U become a top tier skater in their group ? Or an adult who skates with more confidence? 

If i can assist with SS or PA, I'm a text away. Or at least find

yourself a True Pro out there to cut your players skates.

Sparx is not your answer. If your local to us in NY, stop by - the Sparx option is down to $1.00 per sharpening.  Feel free to Send our link to Sparx Hockey, We are happy to face-off in a Quality Test any time. I have a big sponsor who will back the contest. LOL but True.

STOP limiting your developing player or yourself.

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